• Accurately identify, analyze and document broadband networks available in Kansas communities and regions.

  • Improve general knowledge and understanding of technical and innovative uses of broadband.

  • Improve perceived value of broadband.

  • Increase digital literacy and understand of the uses and applications of broadband. 

  • Assist communities with the resources to accomplish their vision.


Develop a state wide unified outreach program that assists in the social and economic development of communities through the use of technology that maximizes the use of available resources nationwide.


Create a network of Kansans working together to economically strengthen and culturally enrich Kansas through the use of broadband.


Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2019 Kansas Broadband Technologies & Opportunities Conference a great success! If you would like information about future events please contact: Angie ASchwerdtfeger@tctainc.net


BASK stands for Broadband Awareness and Solutions for Kansas. BASK is comprised of a group of volunteers that are leaders in the telecommunications industry. 

Thank you all who attended!

Stay tuned for updates about the 2021 Conference!